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Vent-A-Hood Cleaning in Dallas, TX

Services provided locally to all residential clients, small businesses, and large corporations. Affordable pricing combined with high quality, professional, on time services, and 30 years of experience continues our company to grow daily with new clients. Try us today! Call for your FREE Estimate.

Vent-A-Hood Cleaning is our specialty along with our other services of Pressure Washing, Parking Lot Striping, Carpet Cleaning, & ALL Restaurant Equipment Cleaning Services. Serving DFW & surrounding cities since 1985.

Vent-A-Hood Services:

  • Maintenance Cleaning
  • Exhaust Repairs
  • Filter Cleaning & Replacements
  • Canopy Cleaning
  • Replace Belts
  • Replace Bearings
  • Fryer, Stove, Oven Cleaning
  • ALL Restaurant Equipment Cleaning

Why Use Glenn's Best Vent-A-Hood Service,LLC

  • National Fire Protection Association Compliant
  • 30 years experience
  • Locally Owned and Operated
  • Residential & Commercial Properties
  • Licensed, Insured, & Bonded
  • Affordable Rates for ALL Clients
  • 24 Hour Emergency Fire & Flood Services
  • FREE Estimates

Inspections & Benefits

There are several agencies that will require properly maintained kitchen exhaust system:

  • Fire Marshals and Fire Inspectors regularly inspect to ensure that the kitchen exhaust system is properly maintained to prevent fire hazard.
  • Health Department requires properly maintained kitchen exhaust system to prevent food and health hazards to the public.
  • Building owners require tenants to perform regularly scheduled cleaning to protect their property, especially their roof area which is generally their responsibility.
  • Insurance Companies: The insurance company who insures the building will require professional vent hood/kitchen exhaust cleaning on the property to continue their insurance coverage on the building.
  • Insurance Companies: The insurance companies for the food establishment will require professional vent hood cleaning service to continue coverage for the business.

Benefits of properly maintain your vent hood/kitchen exhaust system for business owners:

  • Helps to maintain proper airflow in your cooking area. If not properly maintained, the excess odor and smoke can leak into the dining area and become an unpleasant experience for your customers.
  • The entire kitchen hood / kitchen exhaust system will have more wear and tear therefore eventually require costly replacement parts of exhaust system.
  • The kitchen hood / exhaust system that is not performing at its peak will lead to the air condition units to work harder to properly circulate its air. it will lead to increase energy cost for your establishment.

Benefits for Property Owners:

Protect your investment. The overflow of grease from the exhaust fan can cause damage to your roof and roof gutters. It can also create a hazardous environment for the people who frequents the roofs such as cleaners, maintenance person or roof repairers.

To properly protect your property, the commercial kitchens needs to have the exhaust system cleaned on a regular basis and the exhaust fan should have grease containment system in place. Glenn's Vent-A-Hood, LLC to install a grease containment system to your current exhaust fan.

Allow us to clean the Vent-A-Hoods in your restaurant and commercial or residential property.

Cleaning and servicing restaurants for more than 30 years throughout Texas.

Our company offers maintenance contracts or provides service on an as-needed basis.

We use harmless chemicals while cleaning efficiently at your residence or establishment.

Serving ALL DFW

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